At Protective-Cases we can offer a wide range of bespoke foam interiors for any style of case through a Specialist Custom Foam Company that has Over 30 years of Industry Experience.

  • They use Leading 3D CAD Facilities and have a Professional Design Team.
  • Convertor of raw PE/PU Foam Materials.
  • They offer Short Lead times from Concept to Product Delivery.
  • They also have a commitment to delivering Outstanding Customer Service.

Why use Foam Inserts in Your Case?

Packaging your equipment with a foam lining or a routed foam insert can give you the best protection for your equipment and will complement the presentation of your product.

Whatever your requirements we can tailor the insert to meet your needs such as anti-static foam and to carry your corporate identity through to the inside of your case we have the option of coloured foams which can complement your equipment.

With Custom Foam we offer a wide range of bespoke foam interiors for any style of case from Peli Storm to Metal Cases using CNC, Water Jet Cutting and engineered foam interior products produced via our CAD systems. Having Custom Foam protecting your equipment will give you the best protection and also enhance the presentation of your products. Our experts are on hand to give you guidance on the most practical protection you may require.

What are the Costs Involved?

With custom foam there is generally a one off fee of approx £35.00 for the CNC Design, plus the cost of the Foam that you require.

You will see that against the standard Peli Pick N Pluck Foam the prices are considerably higher, however we can also offer this product to you if required.

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To find out more about all the options available for Custom Foam Inserts and to get a price, call us on 01902 324 734 or email your requirments.

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