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NANUK 903 FIRST AID CASE Internal Dimensions L: 188 x W: 124 x D: 79mm

12th April 2024

Introducing the NANUK 903 First Aid Case, your reliable companion for all your medical needs in any situation. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, this compact yet spacious case is crafted to withstand the toughest environments, ensuring your medical supplies stay safe and secure wherever you go. With its rugged, impact-resistant NK-7 resin construction, the NANUK 903 offers unparalleled protection for your first ai ...

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27th March 2024

Turtle data storage cases are a type of protective storage solution designed to safely store and transport various data storage devices such as external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, and more. These cases are typically made from durable materials such as hard plastic or metal to provide maximum protection against impacts, water, dust, and other potential hazards. Turtle data storage cases come in various sizes and designs ...

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Whats the difference between LD18,LD33 AND LD 45 FOAM

27th March 2024

The main difference between LD18, LD33, and LD45 foam is their density. LD18 foam has a density of 18kg/m^3, LD33 foam has a density of 33kg/m^3, and LD45 foam has a density of 45kg/m^3. This means that LD18 foam is the least dense and LD45 foam is the most dense. In general, higher density foam is firmer and more supportive, while lower density foam is softer and more cushioning. The choice of foam density will depend on the speci ...

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