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Custom Foam Inserts

Why use foam inserts in your case?

The primary purpose of a custom foam insert is to protect products during transit and storage. Due to the insert being specifically cut to your requirements, there is no better padding and protection available Adding custom foam within one of our cases will enhance the protection to our already tough cases.

The visual representation that our custom foam inserts offer is the other big attractive benefits. A stylish and colourful insert can enhance your presentation and improve the look of your products. If you're presenting a product at a show or to potential customers/clients, our custom foam colours are a sure-fire way of grabbing their attention. We offer a wide range of colours for the foam such as Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, White and more.

Why use foam inserts in your case?

What are the costs involved?

Unfortunately due to now knowing the simplicity or complexity of your design, we cannot give rough costs for your foam without seeing a drawing, rough sketch, or photo with dimensions on. 

You would always have a one- off programming/design fee from £50 dependant on your drawing and then the foam would be extra.

Custom foam would always be a higher price compared to the standard Pick ‘N’ Pluck foam but does have many advantages including presentation, protection, colour options and it is more durable than the standard foam.

What are the costs involved?

Why are we different?

While other companies aren’t interested in a single one off inserts or low volume enquiries, this where we differ. We cater to both individuals and large companies as we understand your needs are not just about significant volumes, but protecting your equipment.

Whatever your requirements are, we will work closely with you to help create the design specific to your personal needs. Our experienced team are on hand to assist you throughout this entire process.

Alongside this, we offer the widest range of cases in the UK and therefore we can offer you the perfect case to match your custom foam insert.

Why are we different?

What is the process?

Please Submit a Drawing with full dimensions on via the enquiry page or Email: sales@protective-cases.co.uk. Preferred formats for drawing are Dxf, Cad, Stp, Pdf, Jpg, or even a rough sketch.

Please advise if you have any specific requirements such as specific density of foam required, weight of items going in the foam, foam colour required, lead time required, is a  case or packaging required to compliment your foam insert. Our Sales Team will then get back to you with your quote within 1 working day.

If you wish to go ahead you would place your order and make your payment. You would then get a drawing to approve for you to confirm everything is correct before we start the cutting process and once approved, your foam would then be put into the production process to be cut and sent out.

All orders placed will include shipping, however you will be notified when we quote at your enquiry-order stage. We deliver using most major couriers, but if it’s cheaper to ship on Pallets and you can accept them we will use this method for deliveries. To find out more, please contact our sales department with the form below, email us or call on 01902 324734 

What is the process?

Colours we can supply

  • Green
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Violet
  • Spring Green
    Spring Green
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Light Grey
    Light Grey
  • Jade

See how our custom foam is made

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