Those making service calls every day must be tough. Just like the CARGO series tool cases. With break-resistant case shells made of X-ABS plastic or aluminium, they can carry just about anything. The double aluminium frame, which can bear loads up to 40 kg, protects your tools perfectly from all sides. And if something doesn´t go just right, that is also no problem: The lock can only be opened when the case is lying on the correct side.



Some things simply can´t be improved. Such as the PARAT CLASSIC line tool case. It is inherently stable, holds up to 30 kg and is made of sturdy X-ABS-plastic or aluminium. With its sturdy tool boards and lockable hinges that always keep the open cover where it belongs, you´ll be well equipped for anything.


With the SILVER series tool cases, even difficult jobs can be finished quickly because the case can hold up to 20 kg and is easy to use with integrated locks and stable handles. Thus you´ll have all tools on hand in no time.


The PARAPRO tool cases are something for the toughest tasks - because they even meet NATO´s military standards. No matter what you use it for, the shell of these cases will not get cracked. The wall are made of polypropylene and are practically indestructible. They will withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, are air-, water-, and dust-proof and tolerate even severe pressure loads or crashes. Are you tough enough for these cases?

No Tools Are Included.