Moulded Tool Case With Rollers.

The new developments of PARAT meet the high standards required for modern mobile jobs.
Our mobile service-stations are always at your disposal when carrying or moving heavy loads.


PARAT has reinvented the case! More stable. Larger. Safer. The new generation of cases confidently scores with all superlatives.
A clever idea: Thanks to outstanding expertise, PARAT has recognized the advantages of the known long fiber injection (LFI) manufacturing process from the automobile industry. Here, the plastic PX-ABS is given backfoaming with fiberglass-strengthened polyurethane. This new production method makes the new EVOLUTION cases extremely durable and impact resistant, and they can also be transported on a plane without any problems. Because even hard blows or rough tossing around won´t dent the new case model - the hard shell remains undamaged.



PARATOOL is the mobile service station for everyone who has no desire to do unnecessary work. Because with its 3-section retractable telescopic handle and the large, rubberized wheels, the case is also easy to pull on bumpy slopes. Of course the case also provides plenty of room for tools and all necessary small parts. But the PARATOOL shows its true greatness on site: The case can be brought up to an ergonomic work height with only one movement. This will spare you tiresome bending over and sore knees.



The CARGO/CLASSIC series by PARAT can push in very nicely. The sturdy casing made of X-ABS is highly break-resistant, and thanks to double aluminium frames can handle up to 40 kg. The large rubberized rollers ensure that everything rolls as it should. But the case can also be seen from inside: The durable tool board made of Con-Pearl® and the individually fitted tool-holder system ensure that you immediately have everything handy at a glance.


The PARAPRO tool cases are something for the toughest tasks - because they even meet NATO´s military standards. No matter what you use it for, the shell of these cases will not get cracked. The wall are made of polypropylene and are practically indestructible. They will withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, are air-, water-, and dust-proof and tolerate even severe pressure loads or crashes. Are you tough enough for these cases?



For those who prefers leather, there is the PARAT TOP-LINE. The extra thick, embossed leather can handle a load and is nicely light. But you still don´t have to carry your tools because this case is also equipped with a professional roller system that runs securely even on the rockiest construction site.

No Tools Are Included.