Billingham Bags were first handcrafted in 1973 and have been used by thousands of Photographers World Wide ever since and over the last 40 Years the whole range has been crafted with care by people who really care about the Billingham Bag Product.

The Billingham range starts with the Billingham small shoulder bags, then moves onto Billingaham Large Camera Bags and branded products.

A massive hit in the Billingham World was the Billingham Hadley Range The Billingham Digital

  • The Billingham Small
  • The Billingham Hadley Pro
  • The Billingham Hadley Large
  • The billingham Hadley Large Pro

View the great collection of Billingham camera bags from Designed using high-performing materials built to last.

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Billingham 225 Imperial Blue and Tan             

Billingham 335 Imperial Blue and Tan

Billingham 445 Imperial Blue and Tan

Billingham Hadley Digital Imperial Blue-Tan

Billingham Hadley Large Imperial Blue and Tan

Billingham Hadley Pro Imperial Blue and Tan

Billingham Hadley Small Imperial Blue-Tan

Billingham L2 In Blue and Tan

Billingham Eventer

Billingham 225

Billingham 335

Billingham 445

Billingham 555

Billingham Hadley Digital

Billingham Hadley Large

Billingham Hadley Large Pro

Billingham Hadley Pro

Hadley Small

Billingham 107

Billingham 207

Billingham 307

Billingham 307L

Billingham Packington

Billingham F Stop 1.4

Billingham F Stop 2.8

Billingham L2

Billingham Airline

Billingham Compact

Billingham Pola

Billingham Avea 3

Billingham Avea 5

Billingham Delta

Billingham 13" Laptop Slip

Billingham 15" Laptop Slip

Billingham 5/8 Tripod Straps

Billingham 7/8 Tripod Straps

Billingham Back Pack Harness

Billingham Brochure

Billingham Hadley Front Straps

Billingham Hadley Large Pro Insert

Billingham Hadley Pro Insert

Billingham Luggage Tally

Billingham SP40

Billingham SP50

Billingham SuperFlex Partitions

Billingham Tablet Slip

Billingham V Bridge

Billingham Waist Strap Attachment

Billingham use the natural characteristics of canvas, together with the knowledge of how to cut and stitch it, to provide the bag’s stiffening and shape. The canvas is made waterproof by a so called Storm Block layer between two layers of cotton.

All Billingham bags are finished with top quality leather and quality brass is used for the buckles and zippers.

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